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Analytical Chemistry Online Resources

Analytical Chemistry

**Analytical Methods
***Standard Methods
***General Methods
**Special Topics
***Mass Spectrometry
***Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy


Analytical Chemistry Network
Updates on the latest initiatives, techniques, products, services and awards.

Analytical Chemistry Springboard
Extensive listing of links to analytical techniques and information resources websites.

Analytical Chemistry -- Subject Guide (Stanford University)
Both Library and internet analytical chemistry resources, with the exception of spectroscopic techniques.

Analytical Chemistry -- Web Links (Stanford University)

Analytical Sciences Digital Library
An NSF sponsored peer review portal to: class materials; virtual labs; techniques; applications and teaching resources.

MolData - Analytical Chemistry
Links to categorized resources (General, Instrumental, Techniques, Chemometrics & Data Analysis).

SIRCh: Analytical Chemistry
Links to Spectral Sources, Crystallography Sources, Structural Databases: Biomolecules, Miscellaneous Sources for Analytical Chemistry.


Chemistry Hypermedia Project - Analytical Chemistry Cross-Index
A collection of documents on the fundamental concepts and methods of analytical chemistry commonly presented in an undergraduate analytical chemistry course.

**General Handbooks


Compendium of Analytical Nomenclature
IUPAC recommendations concerning analytical terms and definitions.

**Analytical Methods
***Standard Methods

NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods (NMAM)
NMAM provides methods for contaminant sampling and analysis of workplace air, and in the blood and urine of occupationally exposed workers. Chapters on quality assurance, sampling, portable instrumentation, etc., are also included. A 'Method Finder' is provided for individual chemicals, in addition to a 'Glossary of Abbreviations' and an index to names/synonyms.

**Analytical Methods
***General Methods

Chemistry Hypermedia Project - Encyclopedia of Analytical Instrumentation
Introductory articles on common methods of instrumental analysis.

*Special Topics



Biophysical Chemistry Online Resources (UW, Madison) - Techniques
Provides links to: Sites of General Interest ; NMR ; Diffraction Techniques ; IR Spectroscopy ; Mass Spectrometry ; Microscopy ; and Fluorescence.

Colby College. Chemistry Department.
Course related links for NMR, MS, IR, etc.

Spectral Information Resources (Stanford University)
An extensive listing of spectral information resources.

SIRCh: Analytical Chemistry -- Spectral Sources

Wiki Spectroscopy
Spectroscopy theory, applications and techniques.

***Mass Spectrometry (Mass Spectrometries Web Address)

Mass Spectrometry Blog
A web log of mass spectromery web sites, other links and items of interest.

***Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Enhanced NMR Periodic Table
Provides field specific NMR frequencies.


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