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Aerospace Web Resources

Chemical Propulsion Information Analysis Center.

DTIC Registration Number generally required, with some databases publically available:

JANNAF (5110) Public & DDESB (2285) Technical Papers abstract database.
Meeting Reviews (JANNAF, AIAA, NDIA, etc.).


NACA Technical Report Server

Simple search, Advanced Search, Browse ...


NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

some full text


National Space Science Data Center

Space Science Mission Data



AIAA Electronic Library ... meeting papers, etc.


SciTech News Feb. 2006 p.26 (Diane F. Brenes)

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Biological Chemistry Online Resources

Biological Chemistry

*Guides to the Literature
*Special Topics
**Nucleic Acids
**Plant and Animal Biochemistry

*Guides to the Literature

Biology and Biochemistry - Web Guide (Stanford University)

Biophysical Chemistry Online Resources (UW, Madison) - Databases
Provides links to: Sites of General Interest ; Structures (Proteins, Nucleic Acids, Viruses) ; Physical Properties and Their Prediction; and Visualization Tools.

Biotechnology -- Subject Guide (Stanford University)
Library resources and links to: Abstracts and Indexes, Books on the Web, Companies, Directories, Educational Resources, etc.

Biotechnology -- Web Guide (Stanford University)

MolData - Biochemistry
Links to General Resources, Protein Structure, Structure and Chemistry of Nucleic Acids, Enzymology and Protein Chemistry, Particular Proteins or Protein Systems,

*Special Topics

Entrez, the Life Science Search Engine
The Entrez Cross-Database Search Page allows individual or combined searching of all 20+ databases, which include both bibliographic (e.g. PubMed), full text (e.g. PubMed Central), nucleotide sequence (GenBank), protein sequence (Entrez Protein), Taxonomy, Cancer Chromosomes, etc.

Image Library of Biological Macromolecules


Antibody Explorer
A database of over 3,000 antibodies, conjugates or supplementary reagents.

Human Protein Atlas
Immunohistochemical photomicrographs of antibody+target that provide location/quantity information.

Protein Data Bank
An Information Portal to Biological Macromolecular Structures. The repository for the processing and distribution of 3-D structure data of proteins and nucleic acids.

**Nucleic Acids

RNA World Website
Links to Databases, Web Tools Software, Online Books and Tutorials, Meetings, Miscellaneous. Site is also searchable.

**Plant and Animal Biochemistry

Specarb: Raman Spectra of Carbohydrates
An experimental database containing solid state Raman spectra of carbohydrate monomers, their derivatives & complex polysaccharides.


NCBI Education
This site provides links to Information and Tutorials, a browsable Science Primer, as well as a full listing of NCBI resources.

The Biochemical Periodic Table:
"... tables provide an overview of microbial interactions with essential and nonessential chemical elements. ...Individual element pages contain a summary of known microbial interactions with the selected element based on reports published in scholarly journals."

Polymer Chemistry Online Resources

Polymer Chemistry

**Internet Guides
**Problem Manuals, Educational Materials, and Computer Materials
**Physical and Chemical Properties of Polymers

**Internet Guides

Polymer Chemistry -- Subject Guide (Stanford University)
Both Library and Internet resources for polymer chemistry.

Polymer Search on the Internet (RAPRA)
A extensive directory of links to: Directories & General Reference; Environmental, Health & Legislation; Manufacturing, Processing & Machinery; Materials, Products & Applications; Properties, Analysis & Testing (620)

**Problem Manuals, Educational Materials, and Computer Materials

The Macrogalleria; a cyberland of polymer fun.
The Macrogalleria is divided into five levels based on the nature of the material. Polymers are Everywhere, Polymers Up Close and Personal, How They Work, Makin' Polymers, Getting Polymers to Talk, in addition there is a 'Kids' Microgalleria.

Guide to Polymer Abbreviations/Tradenames
Abbreviations/Polymer Names and Tradenames/Material/Manufacture

Glossary of basic terms in polymer science
Entry related to molecules and molecular structure, substances and reactions with a term index.

**Physical and Chemical Properties of Polymers

Table of the Properties of 200 Linear Macromolecules and Small Molecules
Heat capacites and integral thermal properties H,S,G for polymers. Tabulated according to polymer class.

Industrial Chemistry Online Resources

Industrial Chemistry

*Internet Guides
*Product Sources
*Special Topics
**Pyrotechnics and Explosives

*Internet Guides Information Service
A searchable listing of products, companies, news, chemicals, jobs, literature, software, events, etc. A 'toolbox' feature includes listings of specialised dictionaries, acronyms, unit-conversion, molecular mass calculator, periodic system, and signs & symbols. is a web site directory. Topics include chemical suppliers, lab & scientific equipment, software, resources, pharma & biotech suppliers, industrial equipment, & services. A monthly 'Newsletter of Useful (Internet) Sources' has been freely available since 2002. Recent topics include Chemical Process Equipment Resources, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry Directory, Chemistry RSS News Feeds, & Free Chemical Information Resources. is a portal for chemical suppliers, databases, news, tutorials, etc.

*Product Sources

ChemACX Pro
ChemACX is a structurally searchable index of ~500,000 chemicals that are commercially available for purchase from suppliers worldwide.

ChemCats (STN or SciFinder/SciFinder Scholar)
Links to supplier contact information, price estimates, shipping terms, safety and handling information for a substance listed in the CAS Registry File. Searchable by name, CAS RN or structure/substructure.

BuyersGuideChem provides free access 144,140 product names, 267,939 references on producers and suppliers, and 4,545 company addresses and information. Searching is limited to chemical name and CAS Registry Number.
The freely accessible ChemExper Chemical Directory contains over 200,000 different chemicals, 10,000 MSDS and over 10,000 IR spectra, in addition to basic physical property data. Structure and substructure searching is available.

A source of information about vendors, products, and services for the chemical and allied industries. Search with company names, keywords, or CAS numbers. Information is in four sections: Chemicals - A to Z, Chiral Chemistry, Custom Manufacturing and Custom Synthesis, Drug Discovery & Development Services.

CE (Chemical Engineering) Buyer's Guide
Search for companies, products, trade names and limit by state or country. Browse by category (e.g., Liquid, gas, and air handling, Instrumentation & controls, Processing equipment, Plant maintenance & personnel safety, Information Technologies, Environmental services & equipment, Process chemicals, etc.).

Chemical Week Buyer's Guide
Search for companies, products, trade names and limit by state or country. Browse by category (e.g., Chemicals, raw materials and specialties, Hazardous waste & environmental services, Package, containers and bulk services, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation services, etc.).

*Special Topics

Glossary of Acronyms
Acronyms for various plastics and processes.

**Pyrotechnics and Explosives

Database of Gas Explosion Hazards
This database contains physical property data related explosion hazards of gaseous materials. Search with chemical names in ALL CAPS.

Environmental Chemistry Online Resources

Environmental Chemistry

*Literature Guides
**Abstracting and Indexing Services
**Handbooks and Desk References
**Educational Materials

*Literature Guides

Green Chemistry

MolData - Environmental Chemistry
Links to General References, Toxic Properties (including MSDS data sheets), Degradation of Molecules ..., GIS: Data Acquired from Remote Sensing (Mapping, Environmental Problems, Methods of Energy Production).

**Abstracting and Indexing Services

TOXLINE is a bibliographic database covering the biochemical, pharmacological, physiological, and toxicological effects of drugs and other chemicals. It contains over 3 million citations, with abstracts and/or index terms and CAS Registry Numbers. TOXLINE references are grouped into two major parts--TOXLINE Core (a PubMed search) and TOXLINE Special (journal articles, technical reports, research projects, information center publications, etc.) which can be searched separately or together.


Chemistry & Environmental Dictionary


Envirofacts Data Warehouse
Provides access to multiple EPA databases. Searchable by physical location (e.g. Zip Code) and Topics (e.g. Waste, Water, Toxics, Air, Radiation, Land, and Maps)

**Handbooks and Desk References

EPA Estimation Program Interface (EPI) Suite
A downloadable Microsoft Windows based suite of physical/chemical property and environmental fate estimation models developed by the EPA’s Office of Pollution Prevention Toxics and Syracuse Research Corporation (SRC). Searchable with representations of chemical structures in SMILES notation.

National Park Service Environmental Contaminants Encyclopedia
Information on a variety of chemical substances, including oil products and their constituents, metals, and (VOCs) volatile organic compounds.

Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB)
Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB) is a comprehensive, scientifically reviewed, factual database containing records for ~5,000 toxic or potentially toxic chemicals. Each record includes data on toxicity, environmental fate, human exposure, chemical safety, waste disposal, emergency handling, and regulatory requirements. Excerpts are taken from a core set of reference books augmented by government documents, special reports, and primary journal literature.

HazMap: Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Materials

Household Products Database


A collection of databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases.

**Educational Materials

Greener Education Materials
A full-text searchable database of published and unpublished entries describing laboratory exercises, lecture materials, course syllabi and multimedia content illustrating green chemistry concepts.

Inorganic Chemistry Online Resources

Inorganic Chemistry

*Literature Guides
*Special Topics
**Solid State Chemistry

*Literature Guides

MolChem - Inorganic Chemistry
Links to General Chemical Information, General Survey, Non-transition metals, Transition Metals, Solid-State Chemistry and Materials Science,


Glossary of Terms used in Bioinorganic Chemistry
This web version is a 'reprint' of Pure Appl. Chem., 69, 1251-1303 (1997)

*Special Topics

**Solid State Chemistry

Ceramics WebBook.
Consists of searchable databases; High Temperature Superconducting Materials, Structural Ceramics and Property Data Summaries for Advanced Materials (both materials and properties).

The Graphite Page
Properties, morphology, crystal structures, localities where found, demonstrations, etc.

Kim Allen's Fullerene Page
An introduction to fullerene science and nanotubes with potential applications …

NanoTechWeb News
Nanotechnology news, products, events, and information. Hosted by the Institute of Physics Publishing

Organic Chemistry Online Resources

Organic Chemistry

*Literature Guides
*Handbooks and Tables of Data
*Special Topics in Organic Chemistry
**Chemistry of Natural Products ...
**Organometallics ...
**Organic Analytical Procedures

*Literature Guides

MolData - Organic Chemistry
Links to General Chemical Information, Structures of Organic Molecules, Properties of Organic Molecules, Spectra of Organic Molecules, Reactions and Mechanism, Polymers(Plastics), Medicinal Chemistry,

Organic Chemistry Info (Hans Reich - UW-Madison
Links to chemical reactions, chemical data, spectroscopy, organometallic topics, nomenclature, organic compound databases, techniques, etc.


Common Reactive Intermediates in Organic Chemistry
Structures and names of ions, radicals, ylids and strained compounds, etc.

IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry (Recommendations 1979/1993)
An HTML reproduction of the 1979 edition, updated with the 1993 IUPAC recommendations.

Glossary of Class Names of Organic Compounds and Reactive Intermediates based on Structure.
This web version is a 'reprint' of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 67, 1307-1375 (1995).

Glossary of Terms used in Physical Organic Chemistry
IUPAC Recommendations 1994


Named Rules and Effects in Organic Chemistry
Named rules ... linked to definitions and structural diagrams.

Beilstein Dictionary
Designed for users of the Beilstein Handbook of Organic Chemistry, it contains about 2100 words and abbreviations with their English equivalents. A section of 'Formulations Commonly Used in Beilstein' gives the English equivalent of common phrases.

*Handbooks and Tables of Data

DrugBank combines chemical, pharmacological and pharmaceutical data with sequence, structure, and pathway information.

Named Reagents
Named reagents are linked to chemical names and structural diagrams.

pKa values (acids, bases, alcohols, etc.)
An extensive listing that groups similar compounds with an index and literature references.

An Archive of Famous Organic Chemists
An alphabetical listing of Names with birth-death dates, country, Ph.D. granting school, and thesis advisor.


Al's Notebook
A collection of synthetic procedures based on the functional group is being modified.

Classic Organic Reactions
Graphical reactions with literature references.

Named Reactions in Organic Chemistry
Primary references and recent examples of named reactions with structural reaction diagrams.

*Special Topics in Organic Chemistry


C-13 and Proton Chemical Shifts
The proton or C13 chemical shift is the frequency difference between its absorbtion and the absorbtion from Tetramethylsilane (CH3)4Si.

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds, SDBS
SDBS is a freely accessible database with ~22,900 EI-MS (Electron Impact Mass spectra), ~49,800 FT-IR (Fourier Transform Infrared) spectra, ~14,000 NMR (1H nuclear magnetic resonance) spectra, ~12,300 13C NMR spectra, ~3,500 Laser Raman spectra, and ~2,500 ESR (Electron Spin Resonance) spectra.


Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry (Search)
The Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry freely offers (sub)structure searching and abstract display of all articles from 1964 to 2001 (over 100,000 structures). Molecular formula, Boolean textword fragment and author searching is also available.

**Chemistry of Natural Products ...

Heterocycles (Natural Products) Databases (1975+)
Structural diagrams and literature references (29,000 structure determinations & 14,000 synthesis) for natural products with a heterocyclic ring system. Name, group, C#, molecular formula, molecular weight and author searching.

Specarb: Raman Spectra of Carbohydrates
An experimental database containing solid state Raman spectra of carbohydrate monomers, their derivatives & complex polysaccharides.

**Organometallics ...

Organometallic HyperTextBook (OH)
The 'About' link defines the premise of this site. Designed as both an introduction and review, the OH assumes a basic understanding of inorganic/organic chemistry and suggests first reading 'Organometallics Defined', 'Coordination Number and Coordination Chemistry Definitions' and 'Electron Counting and the 18 electron rule'.

**Organic Analytical Procedures

Library Resources for Identifying Unknowns (Stanford University)
Both a listing of online library resources and a tutorial for search strategies. Includes an Idealized Flowchart (pdf), Types of Searches (pdf) , Troubleshooting (pdf), and Displaying Results (pdf).

Physical Chemistry Online Resources

Physical Chemistry

*Literature Guides
*Treatises, Monographs, and Advanced Textbooks
*Physicochemical Calculations
*Physicochemical Properties and Data Compilations
**Physical Property Data
**Azeotropes and Solutions
**Thermochemical and Thermophysical Data

*Literature Guides

MolData - Physical Chemistry
Links to General Information, Fundamental Constants, Nuclear Chemistry, Quantum Mechanics, Spectroscopy, Statistical Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, Molecular Modeling, Experimental Physical Chemistry, Access to the Chemical Literature, Crystallography and Solid State Chemistry.

*Treatises, Monographs, and Advanced Textbooks

JCE LivTexts: Physical Chemistry [Quantum States of Atoms and Molecules]
A digital living text book on quantum mechanics as it relates to spectroscopy, electronic structure and molecular properties.

Wavelet Tutorial
In four parts: Overview; Why Wavelet Transform, Fundamentals; the Fourier Transform, Multiresolution Analysis ... Continuous and Discrete Wavelet Transforms.

*Physicochemical Calculations

Molecular Structure Calculations
Molecular orbital results for a wide variety of compounds giving calculated bond lengths, angles, atomic charges, dipole moment, bond orders, and molecular orbital energies.

Computational Chemistry Comparison and Benchmark DataBase
Experimental and computational thermochemical data for a selected set of 684 gas-phase atoms and molecules.

Conversion Factors
The Google search box is also a scientific calculator for trig functions, unit conversions. For example enter: 500 calories in Joules.

Data & Property Calculation Websites
An extensive listing of web links to Data Sites, Calculation / Program Download Sites, Organizations and Bibliographies.

*Physicochemical Properties and Data Compilations

**Physical Property Data

Atomic Radii Tables
A periodic table with values for Atomic Radii in picometers.

Atomic and Molecular Orbitals
A gallery of atomic and molecular orbitals.

[Critical] Properties of Various Gases
A listing by molecular formula with chemical name, molecular weight, critical pressure and critical temperature for several hundred gases.

Enhanced NMR Periodic Table
A periodic table with links to atomic & isotope properties, and ionic states.

FACT (Facility for the Analysis of Chemical Thermodynamics)
A wide variety of evaluated and optimized thermodynamic databases for inorganic systems.

Finding Physical and Chemical Properties
An extensive listing of over 100 categories of text and internet resources (Activation Energies -- Young's Modulus) with a listing of Property Compilations on the Internet.

**Azeotropes and Solutions

IUPAC-NIST Solubility Data Series Database
A database that includes over 55,000 solubility measurements for about 1300 chemical substances and 4,850 systems. Searchable by volume titles, CAS RN, MF, Chemical Name and Author.


American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database
A database that includes every crystal structure published in the four major mineralogical research journals. Searchable with mineral names, authors, chemical elements, cell parameters and symmetry or diffraction patterns.

Cambridge Structural Database - Tutorial
An extensive tutorial on the CSD with search examples and a link to the Conquest online documentation.

Crystallography Links
Web links to soceties, databases, software, techniques, etc.

Crystallography Online
Links to current and internet-based information concerning crystallography maintained by the IUC.

Crystallography Open Database
A database of CIFs containing unit cell parameters, coordinates and (when available) atomic displacement parameters (etc.).
CIF is a data file conformant to the file syntax defined at

Crystallography Subject Guide (Stanford University)
Both Library and internet resources on crystallography.

Interactive Tutorial about Diffraction
"... a pictorial guide to crystal structures and their Fourier transforms useful for teaching diffraction physics."

Notes on Individual Crystallographers - History of Crystallography - People
An alphabetical listing with award information or obituraries.

Reciprocal Net: Common Molecules
Individual molecule pages provide information and a java applet (miniJaMM) to view and rotate elements, Ions and Simple Molecules, Materials and Technology, Biochemical Molecules, Minerals and Gems, Environmental Molecules.

X-ray Crystallography Research Guide (U. Wisconsin-Madison)
Links to resources ... Repositories/Databases, Online Learning, Organizations, Books & Reference Works, Selected Journals, Journal Databases & Glossary.


Electrochemical Science and Technology Information Resource (ESTIR)
This site contains categorized electrochemistry information (Electrochemistry and related subjects on the Internet, Public domain information on the Internet, Popular science information, Graduate schools, Review chapters, Proceedings volumes, Books, Scientific/technical societies, Scientific/technical journals and book series, Handbooks, bibliographies, Nomenclature, standards & Meetings and short courses. Additional links include both the Electrochemistry Dictionary and Electrochemistry Encyclopedia.


The Science of Spectroscopy
Wiki encylcopedic entries on; Applications (microwaves), Techniques (infrared), and Theory (fluorescence).

**Thermochemical and Thermophysical Data

CODATA Key Values for Thermodynamics
The table includes the standard enthalpy of formation at 298.15 K, the entropy at 298.15 K, and the quantity H°(298.15 K) - H°(0) for key chemical elements and compounds.

Thermodex: An Index of Selected Thermodynamic and Physical Property Resources
Thermodex is a searchable database that allows linking of compound classes to properties (e.g. viscosity -- hydrocarbons) and retrieves a list of handbooks (mostly print) that contain this data.

Analytical Chemistry Online Resources

Analytical Chemistry

**Analytical Methods
***Standard Methods
***General Methods
**Special Topics
***Mass Spectrometry
***Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy


Analytical Chemistry Network
Updates on the latest initiatives, techniques, products, services and awards.

Analytical Chemistry Springboard
Extensive listing of links to analytical techniques and information resources websites.

Analytical Chemistry -- Subject Guide (Stanford University)
Both Library and internet analytical chemistry resources, with the exception of spectroscopic techniques.

Analytical Chemistry -- Web Links (Stanford University)

Analytical Sciences Digital Library
An NSF sponsored peer review portal to: class materials; virtual labs; techniques; applications and teaching resources.

MolData - Analytical Chemistry
Links to categorized resources (General, Instrumental, Techniques, Chemometrics & Data Analysis).

SIRCh: Analytical Chemistry
Links to Spectral Sources, Crystallography Sources, Structural Databases: Biomolecules, Miscellaneous Sources for Analytical Chemistry.


Chemistry Hypermedia Project - Analytical Chemistry Cross-Index
A collection of documents on the fundamental concepts and methods of analytical chemistry commonly presented in an undergraduate analytical chemistry course.

**General Handbooks


Compendium of Analytical Nomenclature
IUPAC recommendations concerning analytical terms and definitions.

**Analytical Methods
***Standard Methods

NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods (NMAM)
NMAM provides methods for contaminant sampling and analysis of workplace air, and in the blood and urine of occupationally exposed workers. Chapters on quality assurance, sampling, portable instrumentation, etc., are also included. A 'Method Finder' is provided for individual chemicals, in addition to a 'Glossary of Abbreviations' and an index to names/synonyms.

**Analytical Methods
***General Methods

Chemistry Hypermedia Project - Encyclopedia of Analytical Instrumentation
Introductory articles on common methods of instrumental analysis.

*Special Topics



Biophysical Chemistry Online Resources (UW, Madison) - Techniques
Provides links to: Sites of General Interest ; NMR ; Diffraction Techniques ; IR Spectroscopy ; Mass Spectrometry ; Microscopy ; and Fluorescence.

Colby College. Chemistry Department.
Course related links for NMR, MS, IR, etc.

Spectral Information Resources (Stanford University)
An extensive listing of spectral information resources.

SIRCh: Analytical Chemistry -- Spectral Sources

Wiki Spectroscopy
Spectroscopy theory, applications and techniques.

***Mass Spectrometry (Mass Spectrometries Web Address)

Mass Spectrometry Blog
A web log of mass spectromery web sites, other links and items of interest.

***Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Enhanced NMR Periodic Table
Provides field specific NMR frequencies.

Applied Chemistry Online Resources

Applied Chemistry

**Abstracting and Indexing Services
**Handbooks and Tables of Data

**Abstracting and Indexing Services

Energy Citations Database
The Energy Citations Database (ECD) contains bibliographic records from the Department of Energy (DOE) and its predecessor agencies, the Energy Research & Development Administration (ERDA) and the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). The Database provides access to publicly available citations from 1948+.

Scitation is the online home of more than 100 journals from AIP, APS, ASCE, ASME, SPIE, etc. Access to the search and personalization tools is freely available with registration.


Eric Weisstein's Home Page
Eric's Encyclopedias: [ Astronomy | Biography | Books | Chemistry | Life CA | Math | Music | Physics ]


Akronyme und Abkürzungen / Acronyms and Abbreviations

English-German and French-German Dictionary

Scientific and Technical Acronyms, Symbols, and Abbreviations
A searchable online resource published as an adjunct to content on Wiley InterScience.

**Handbooks and Tables of Data

Sigma-Aldrich Family catalogs can be searched separately or in combination.

NIST Physical Reference Data
An extensive collection of databases of physical constants; spectroscopic, nuclear physics and condensed matter data.

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General Chemistry Online Resources

**Guides to the Internet
**Abstracting and Indexing Services
**Handbooks and Tables of Data
**Style Guides
**History of Chemistry
**Safety Literature
**Problem Manuals, Educational Materials, and Computer Materials

**Guides to the Internet (The Website of the American Chemical Society)
Links to information for various user groups (professionals, ACS members, educators & students, policy makers, enthusiasts are supplemented by categories (molecule of the week, member central, actions & reactions, news & resources, mark your calendar). A 'quick find' pull down menu is available for additional links, as well as a search box for specific items.

Chemistry Index (Freie Universitat Berlin)
An extensive collection of categorized links to chemistry resources on the Internet. Major categories of this site include:
Biochemistry, Safety, Magnetic Resonance (NMR, EPR), Molecular Modeling and Visualization, Chemistry software, Short biographies, Chemist's Address and Phone Books

Chemsoc (The website for the Royal Society of Chemistry)
Links to networks and societies, conferences and events, careers and job centre, learning resources, chembytes infozone, chemsoc timeline, web links, visual elements periodic table.

Comprehensive Chemistry Sites (Stanford University)
Links to a varitey of chemistry sites (e.g. BUBL Link, PSIgate,, etc.)

General Guide for Chemists and Chemical Engineers (Stanford University)
An alphabetical listing by theme (e.g. Awards and Prizes, Biographical Information, Chemical History, Demonstrations, etc.)

Links for Chemists
Links for Chemists (University of Liverpool) is a section of The WWW Virtual Library [], providing an index of chemistry resources. Topics include:
University Chem. Depts., Companies / Industry, Chemicals A-F | G-M | N-S | T-Z, Chemical Literature, Chemical Information, Conferences & Events, Organisations,
Topics, Other Links Sites, About this site.

Martindale's The "virtual" - Chemistry Center
An extensive listing of links to chemistry journals, courses, databases, video/movies, etc.

MolData - General Chemistry
Links to 'miscellaneous' sites, History of Chemistry, Access to the Chemical Literature, Mathematics, Software).

NIST Virtual Library - Chemistry
Links to databases, books, chemistry at NIST, Associations/Institutions/Societies, Material Safety Data Sheets, Periodic and Nuclide Tables, Other Web Resources. An complete alphabetical listing of sites is also provided.

SIRCh (Selected Internet Resources for Chemistry)
An extensive listing of 'factual' internet resources. Indexed and full-text searchable. Categories include Communication in Chemistry, How and Where to Start, How and Where to Search (General and Specialized), and Miscellaneous.

The Sheffield Chemdex
An extensive listing of web resources under the following categories: Chemistry (1481 links), Chemistry communication (1102 links), Companies (946 links), Compounds, Molecules (175 links), Elements (184 links), Government Agencies and Laboratories (105 links), Learned Societies (213 links), Miscellaneous sites (42 links), People (244 links), Portals, link sites, and clubs (86 links), The periodic table (125 links), University Departments (2472 links), WWW software and standards (30 links).

U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Library of Chemistry Information
A categorized listing of links to: Chemistry at CFSAN & FDA; General References; Area Events; Databases; Food & Chemistry; Journals & Conferences; Chemistry Web Sites; etc.

**Abstracting and Indexing Services

ACS (American Chemical Society) Journals
Both subscribers and non-subscribers to ACS journals can search the full text of ACS Web Editions and ACS Journal Archives. Bibliographic information and abstracts or first page are freely available, full text display requires a subscription.

RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) Publishing - Journals
Both subscribers and non-subscribers can search RSC Journals and the RSC Journal Archive. Searching is limited to author names, and keywords in the title, abstract or full text. Bibliographic information and abstracts are freely available, full text (except for freely available PDF copies of 1997-2002 articles) requires a subscription.

Abstracting and Indexing Resources for Historical Chemistry Journal
A brief description of the The Royal Society's Catalogue of Scientific Papers which is a comprehensive listing of 19th century science and technology papers, and a listing of 19th century journals that abstracted the chemical literature.

Core Journals Covered in CAplus
This list contains the journal abbreviation, complete journal title, CODEN, and publication frequency for the key/core journals covered in the CAplus file. CASSI is the complete list of journals covered in the CAplus file.

CAS DDS Title Search
A freely searchable database of serials currently received at Chemical Abstracts Service and nonserials published within the past ten years. Only full titles are displayed. Searching defaults to left/right truncation.


Chemistry Hypermedia Project-General Chemistry Cross-Index
An collection of documents relevant to an undergraduate general chemistry course (e.g., Stoichiometry, Acids and Bases, Chemical equilibrium, Standard Reduction Potentials, Electrochemical Cells, Precipitation, Complexation, etc.).

Eric Weisstein's World of Chemistry
Articles on Chemical reactions, Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Quantum chemistry, etc.


Abkürzungen chemischer Verbindungen / Abbreviations of Chemical Compounds

CAS Standard Abbreviations and Acronyms
Automatically generated abbreviations and acronyms are listed 1) in the alphabetical order of the full terms and 2) in the alphabetical order of abbreviations and acronyms.

Beilstein Dictionary (German-English/English-German)

Indiana University Chemistry Library Acronyms Database

Stereochemical Glossary

**Handbooks and Tables of Data

Aldrich Catalog
Compound listings include physical property data, cross-references to Beilstein, Merck and Fieser, etc., safety(MSDS) and Aldrich spectra information. Search with product name, molecular formula or CAS Registry Number.

ChemiCool Periodic Table
Each element symbol is linked tables of physical properties, appearance/characteristics, electronic configuration, reactions, isotopes, and abundance.

Combined Chemical Dictionary
Freely searchable but results display requires subscription. The online version of the: Dictionary of Organic Compounds,
.. Natural Products, .. Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds, .. Drugs, and ... Analytical Reagents.
Nearly 80,000 chemical compounds, from over 350 public source sites. Displays include 2D Chemical Structures & 3D models, basic physical properties (m.p., b.p., density, refractive index, etc.) and hyperlinks to a wide variety of websites with additional information.

SOLV-DB (Solvents Database)
Physical properties & links to suppliers.

Index to Physical, Chemical and Other Property Data
A listing of links to 'standard' reference sources plus an extensive listing of properties linked to library and internet resources.

Knovel Critical Tables
Tables of physical properties for over 21K commonly-used chemical compounds.

Materials Properties Locator Database
A searchable database of over 400 properties (mechanical, physical, electrical, thermal, etc.) for over 100 particular types of materials (metals, polymers, liquids, organic). Each property and material is linked to a specific print source/s.

NIST Chemistry WebBook
Physical property data for ~70,000 compounnds ... Thermochemical data, IR, Mass & UV/Vis spectra, gas chromatography data, Ionization energy, Electron/Proton affinity, Vibrational Energy, Electronic Energy Level, etc.

ChemIDplus provides access to structure and nomenclature information for the identification of chemical substances cited in NLM databases. The database contains over 368,000 chemical records, of which over 247,000 include displayable chemical structures. ChemIDplus Lite is available for Name and RN searching without the need for plugins or applets. Search/Retrieval in ChemIDplus displays a click through list of Toxnet, EPA and NIST databases with chemical compound information.


ACS Directory of Graduate Research (DGR Web)
A comprehensive resource on faculty and research at U.S. and Canadian universities. DGRweb 2005, is free & includes the 2003, 2001, and 1999 databases.

LabGuide Online
An annually categorized resource for analytical instruments, laboratory products, chemicals, equipment, services and supplies.

**Style Guides

Reference Style Guidelines
Provides examples of reference styles for ACS publications.


Biographical Snapshots of Famous Women and Minority Chemists

Biographies of Famous Chemists

100 Distinguished European Chemists (18th, 19th & 20th Centuries)

**History of Chemistry

Chem Soc Timeline
Key events with an emphasis on chemistry.

Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry
Many seminal papers categorized by subject or by author.

Historical Chemistry - Full Text and Miscellaneous Sites

History of Chemistry
Biographies of Chemists, Biographical Collections, Classic Papers in Chemistry, History of Science Links.

Royal Society of Chemistry - Historical Chemistry Information Service

Virtual Library: Science: Chemistry: History of Chemistry

**Safety Literature

ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety

Chemical & Engineering News Safety Letters (1993+)

Chemical Laboratory Safety (Stanford University)
Library resources and web links to laboratory related chemical safety information.

Chemical Safety -- Web Guide (Stanford University)

LAB SAFETY -Online Safety Course

Material Safety Data Sheets

MSDS Hyper Glossary
Explanations of MSDS words and concepts.

**Problem Manuals, Educational Materials, and Computer Materials

CCIIM (Clearinghouse for Chemical Information Instructional Materials)
A categorized listing of items developed for instruction in the use of chemical information sources. Categories include specific databases as well as search topics. Full text searchable.

Chem Tutor
Chemtutor can be a course of study for independent students, a resource for chemistry teachers, a review, or a tutoring program for students taking high school or basic college chemistry.

Chemical Education -- Web Guide (Stanford University)

Computational Chemistry List (CCL Links)
WWW links for computational chemists (e.g.

General Chemistry Virtual Textbook (Stephen Lower)
A work in progress with text and tutorials on Aquatic solution chemistry (Acids and bases, oxidation-reduction), Atoms (Atomic structure and quantum concepts), Bonding and structure (Chemical bonding), Chemical change (Equilibrium, energetics, thermodynamics, electrochemistry), Environmental chemistry (Chemistry of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere), Fundamental concepts (Science/pseudoscience, units, uncertainty in measurements, significant figures), States of matter (Solids, liquids, gases, phase changes, solutions).

JCE (Journal of Chemical Education) Digital Library
A diverse collection of educational digital resources available on the WWW.

National Science Digital Library
A digital library supporting education. A link to science and then to chemistry displays over 50 resources.