Saturday, March 18, 2006

Biological Chemistry Online Resources

Biological Chemistry

*Guides to the Literature
*Special Topics
**Nucleic Acids
**Plant and Animal Biochemistry

*Guides to the Literature

Biology and Biochemistry - Web Guide (Stanford University)

Biophysical Chemistry Online Resources (UW, Madison) - Databases
Provides links to: Sites of General Interest ; Structures (Proteins, Nucleic Acids, Viruses) ; Physical Properties and Their Prediction; and Visualization Tools.

Biotechnology -- Subject Guide (Stanford University)
Library resources and links to: Abstracts and Indexes, Books on the Web, Companies, Directories, Educational Resources, etc.

Biotechnology -- Web Guide (Stanford University)

MolData - Biochemistry
Links to General Resources, Protein Structure, Structure and Chemistry of Nucleic Acids, Enzymology and Protein Chemistry, Particular Proteins or Protein Systems,

*Special Topics

Entrez, the Life Science Search Engine
The Entrez Cross-Database Search Page allows individual or combined searching of all 20+ databases, which include both bibliographic (e.g. PubMed), full text (e.g. PubMed Central), nucleotide sequence (GenBank), protein sequence (Entrez Protein), Taxonomy, Cancer Chromosomes, etc.

Image Library of Biological Macromolecules


Antibody Explorer
A database of over 3,000 antibodies, conjugates or supplementary reagents.

Human Protein Atlas
Immunohistochemical photomicrographs of antibody+target that provide location/quantity information.

Protein Data Bank
An Information Portal to Biological Macromolecular Structures. The repository for the processing and distribution of 3-D structure data of proteins and nucleic acids.

**Nucleic Acids

RNA World Website
Links to Databases, Web Tools Software, Online Books and Tutorials, Meetings, Miscellaneous. Site is also searchable.

**Plant and Animal Biochemistry

Specarb: Raman Spectra of Carbohydrates
An experimental database containing solid state Raman spectra of carbohydrate monomers, their derivatives & complex polysaccharides.


NCBI Education
This site provides links to Information and Tutorials, a browsable Science Primer, as well as a full listing of NCBI resources.

The Biochemical Periodic Table:
"... tables provide an overview of microbial interactions with essential and nonessential chemical elements. ...Individual element pages contain a summary of known microbial interactions with the selected element based on reports published in scholarly journals."


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