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Industrial Chemistry Online Resources

Industrial Chemistry

*Internet Guides
*Product Sources
*Special Topics
**Pyrotechnics and Explosives

*Internet Guides Information Service
A searchable listing of products, companies, news, chemicals, jobs, literature, software, events, etc. A 'toolbox' feature includes listings of specialised dictionaries, acronyms, unit-conversion, molecular mass calculator, periodic system, and signs & symbols. is a web site directory. Topics include chemical suppliers, lab & scientific equipment, software, resources, pharma & biotech suppliers, industrial equipment, & services. A monthly 'Newsletter of Useful (Internet) Sources' has been freely available since 2002. Recent topics include Chemical Process Equipment Resources, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry Directory, Chemistry RSS News Feeds, & Free Chemical Information Resources. is a portal for chemical suppliers, databases, news, tutorials, etc.

*Product Sources

ChemACX Pro
ChemACX is a structurally searchable index of ~500,000 chemicals that are commercially available for purchase from suppliers worldwide.

ChemCats (STN or SciFinder/SciFinder Scholar)
Links to supplier contact information, price estimates, shipping terms, safety and handling information for a substance listed in the CAS Registry File. Searchable by name, CAS RN or structure/substructure.

BuyersGuideChem provides free access 144,140 product names, 267,939 references on producers and suppliers, and 4,545 company addresses and information. Searching is limited to chemical name and CAS Registry Number.
The freely accessible ChemExper Chemical Directory contains over 200,000 different chemicals, 10,000 MSDS and over 10,000 IR spectra, in addition to basic physical property data. Structure and substructure searching is available.

A source of information about vendors, products, and services for the chemical and allied industries. Search with company names, keywords, or CAS numbers. Information is in four sections: Chemicals - A to Z, Chiral Chemistry, Custom Manufacturing and Custom Synthesis, Drug Discovery & Development Services.

CE (Chemical Engineering) Buyer's Guide
Search for companies, products, trade names and limit by state or country. Browse by category (e.g., Liquid, gas, and air handling, Instrumentation & controls, Processing equipment, Plant maintenance & personnel safety, Information Technologies, Environmental services & equipment, Process chemicals, etc.).

Chemical Week Buyer's Guide
Search for companies, products, trade names and limit by state or country. Browse by category (e.g., Chemicals, raw materials and specialties, Hazardous waste & environmental services, Package, containers and bulk services, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation services, etc.).

*Special Topics

Glossary of Acronyms
Acronyms for various plastics and processes.

**Pyrotechnics and Explosives

Database of Gas Explosion Hazards
This database contains physical property data related explosion hazards of gaseous materials. Search with chemical names in ALL CAPS.


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