Saturday, March 18, 2006

Inorganic Chemistry Online Resources

Inorganic Chemistry

*Literature Guides
*Special Topics
**Solid State Chemistry

*Literature Guides

MolChem - Inorganic Chemistry
Links to General Chemical Information, General Survey, Non-transition metals, Transition Metals, Solid-State Chemistry and Materials Science,


Glossary of Terms used in Bioinorganic Chemistry
This web version is a 'reprint' of Pure Appl. Chem., 69, 1251-1303 (1997)

*Special Topics

**Solid State Chemistry

Ceramics WebBook.
Consists of searchable databases; High Temperature Superconducting Materials, Structural Ceramics and Property Data Summaries for Advanced Materials (both materials and properties).

The Graphite Page
Properties, morphology, crystal structures, localities where found, demonstrations, etc.

Kim Allen's Fullerene Page
An introduction to fullerene science and nanotubes with potential applications …

NanoTechWeb News
Nanotechnology news, products, events, and information. Hosted by the Institute of Physics Publishing


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