Saturday, March 18, 2006

Polymer Chemistry Online Resources

Polymer Chemistry

**Internet Guides
**Problem Manuals, Educational Materials, and Computer Materials
**Physical and Chemical Properties of Polymers

**Internet Guides

Polymer Chemistry -- Subject Guide (Stanford University)
Both Library and Internet resources for polymer chemistry.

Polymer Search on the Internet (RAPRA)
A extensive directory of links to: Directories & General Reference; Environmental, Health & Legislation; Manufacturing, Processing & Machinery; Materials, Products & Applications; Properties, Analysis & Testing (620)

**Problem Manuals, Educational Materials, and Computer Materials

The Macrogalleria; a cyberland of polymer fun.
The Macrogalleria is divided into five levels based on the nature of the material. Polymers are Everywhere, Polymers Up Close and Personal, How They Work, Makin' Polymers, Getting Polymers to Talk, in addition there is a 'Kids' Microgalleria.

Guide to Polymer Abbreviations/Tradenames
Abbreviations/Polymer Names and Tradenames/Material/Manufacture

Glossary of basic terms in polymer science
Entry related to molecules and molecular structure, substances and reactions with a term index.

**Physical and Chemical Properties of Polymers

Table of the Properties of 200 Linear Macromolecules and Small Molecules
Heat capacites and integral thermal properties H,S,G for polymers. Tabulated according to polymer class.


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